Guaranteed Savings

Our goal is to help you achieve your financial objectives. Brookside Cost Management is comprised of experienced procurement professionals with deep subject matter expertise in your most complex spend categories. We augment your team and your existing process to achieve best available pricing and terms for your spend profile. Our disciplined approach begins with a thorough analysis of your expense history, current key vendor contracts and forecasted spend. From this data-driven review of your specific needs we craft an overall savings plan with no cost or obligation to you. We then jointly establish the schedule, scope and timing of the work to coincide with the operational goals of your organization. Included in our services are expert reviews of terms and conditions of the vendor contracts to ensure that you are properly protected against future cost overruns and financial liability.

We achieve the agreed upon objectives or we do not earn our fees - that is our guarantee.

Recovery Audit

A retrospective contractual compliance analysis by Brookside Cost Management subject matter experts often yields significant recoverable amounts from key vendors due to past overpayments. A best practice developed decades ago in the retail industry, recovery audit has become a widely adopted cost management tool in a variety of spend categories. Our recovery audit specialists perform a transaction-level analysis of your historical spend by vendor and applicable contract, identify instances of past overpayments and recover identified overpayments on behalf of your organization.

A recovery audit engagement delivers savings in the form of funds returned to you from vendors and business process improvements from optimization opportunities identified during the audit process. Our only fees for this service is a share of the recovered funds, if no funds are recovered to your bottom line then you pay nothing for our service.

Business Intelligence and Monitoring

Effective cost management requires continuous detailed reporting and monitoring focused on the key metrics that drive each expense category. We have the expertise to provide you with powerful custom reporting capabilities that give you confidence in your overall cost management process. We can develop these tools for you to deploy internally or host the entire solution for you on an outsourced basis.